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Featured Allanté

This page is DEVOTED for the best Allantés out there! The winners will be handpicked by our president,  Mr. John Monzo.

If you think your car should be a Featured Allante,  please contact us including several photos of your car.

Please note: you must be an active member of the club for your car to be eligible as a Featured Allante 

Current Featured Allante, 1989 Pearl White

   After years of raising kids and college tuition, I felt it was time to treat myself!  It was 2009, and I decided that I should finally own a classic car (a convertible would be even better).  I was first attracted to the Mercedes  SL.  In looking at several of these, the mileage seemed too high or the car was too rusty.  A friend mentioned the Cadillac Allante.  I checked a few and found that the look was similar.  However, the mileage and overall condition seemed to be better than the SL.

   I expanded my search on-line and found an Allante a few hours from my home.  It was a Pearl White 89 with Charcoal interior and 79,000 miles.  Good condition with no signs of rust.  We negotiated a good deal, and I picked it up two days later.  Inspection was no problem, but I did have some typical issues like the pull-down top, speakers, electric locks, etc.  In searching on-line for information and parts, I came across the Cadillac Allante Club.  After talking to Johnny, I joined the Club.  With his help, we corrected the problems right away.

   The Allante is fun to drive, and as a golfer, it provides plenty of room for clubs and luggage.  Many people come up and ask me about the car.  They are always interested when I tell the Italy to  Detroit assembly story.  Going forward, I hope to have good luck with this vehicle.  I feel secure in knowing that Johnny is available in the event of future problems! 

1993 Pearl White
   From the time I first saw a new 1993 Allante in the local Cadillac showroom, I loved the styling of the car. As the price was so far above what I could afford, owning one was only a dream. In 2008 I finally found one for sale on eBay and purchased my first Allante, a 1993 champagne model with 77,000 miles.  Soon after I joined a National Allante car club to help me understand the car and deal with any mechanical issues.  Through the online club I discovered a member with a celebrity owned Allante he had named “The Heartbreaker”.  This car was a pearl white 1993 with low mileage and a color combination I loved.  I was pleasantly surprised in May of 2012 to discover that the car I had long admired was for sale and contacted the owner Phillip DeMarks.  Understandably, I was elated that Phillip agreed to sell me the car. After many long discussions as to whether I should go down to California from British Columbia to inspect the car, I was assured that it would exceed my expectations. Phillip oversaw the careful loading of the car for shipment to Canada and I was not disappointed when she arrived. The car is like new and now has a place of honour in my garage, out of the Canadian elements. The “Heartbreaker” is a stunning car that my two sons are anxious to keep as a family heirloom.


September 2013

   Dear Friends,
   I am hereby and very proudly announcing that I won the Fuji Speedway American Car Convention Summer 2013's Mass Media Select Car Contest.  My Marietta 1989 Allanté was selected by Japan's leading car magazine called CarTop ( among a few thousand US cars that attended the event.
   My Allanté scored well because of it VG++ outward look with new paint seats and an exterior that starts talking to you as you draw near.  She also travels around with a special tropical license frame, Susan Anton on passenger seat, and jukebox in center console.  These and other things definitely helped to win that very special prize.
   I would like to thank you all for your attention and help. My creative ideas have led Marietta to become the #1 Allanté in Japan and most recently winner of the Fuji Speedway Car Convention.  This was a very big achievement considering all the Hummers, Rivieras, Mustangs, Cadillacs, Corvettes, Doges, Lincolns, Chevrolets.
   As a prize, I won wax, polish, clock, and many other car accessories.  The winning sheet that I am holding will also appear in the next issue of CarTop.
   Even with this win, my work is not done on the car.  I still need to work on the air conditioner, seat belts, and sun visors.

   Lt. Ogata





July 2013

   I am still a newbie when it comes to Allante’s, I purchase my 89 in April 2012 and have enjoyed it very much.  I do not know for sure if it is the car, the club or just the enthusiasm that goes with owning an Allante’.  One thing for sure it was the friends that I have meet owning an Allante and belonging to the club.  Colene and I try to attend as many meets as we can to meet new friends and give us a chance to show off Pearl but I think that is an excuse to party…

   Pearl had 78,000 miles on her and it is my everyday car.  Cannot have a beautiful car without driving it. Driving it we did,  over 15,000 miles in less than a year.  We want to drive it more and go to more events in the future.  Out of nowhere an opportunity came our way to purchase a 93 teal with only 9,000 miles on her in December 2012.  What to do we both loved Pearl and have won several awards with her, do we keep her and go for the 93?  Well, I had the standard guy answer let’s get it and we will decide later.  We trucked it in from Indiana and fell in love with it the first time we saw it.  The dealer owned it for several years (2003 in New Jersey) sold it to the present owner and he drove it two thousand miles and there it sat.  In a garage with no place to go….

   We definitely had places to go and now have two Allante’s in the family garage.  Colene’s car in the driveway.  That only worked for a while, until the Annual Run to the Sun Show in Myrtle Beach.  We decided it was time to sell it.  We purchased Pearl there last year so maybe we would have luck selling it there a year later.  Within three hours of the opening day of the show, we sold Pearl.  It broke my heart but I had another baby back home in the teal, now Blue-too.

   We have been getting Blue-too up to speed the last several months, since my back operation I could not do much and John Monzo was a big help.  We took it to the Florida Show in Sarasota for its first shake down.  It was great to drive a true Cadillac again, there is a big difference in the two cars.  Colene loves the 93 but I still have a soft spot for the 89.  The big test came in May and the open car show sponsored by Myrtle Beach Car Club, where there was over 250 cars in all configurations. A great place to showcase the Allante’ especially Blue Too.  I am pleased to say we took a trophy and were in the top 50 in the show.  Later that month we were invited by the Myrtle Beach Car Club to participate in a meet and low and behold we parked next to Pearl.  Two Allante’s in an open meet for us that was special since I once owned them both at one time.

   The new owner of Pearl now is a member of the Club as well and treats Pearl as I would.  It was my first love but Blue-too has taken over.  As you can see by the pictures it is pristine, thanks to John Monzo help, Steve Garrity checking it out, The Insider Magazine where it was posted and Bill Winkler for giving me the itch to get a 93…. What color is Teal well it looks blue in the sun and green in the shade, just check the plate and you will know it is me….

   These are great cars, I never thought I would ever own one, no less two at one time.  We will be in Washington this year and again at the October Rally in Charleston, come see us and say hi… Sal Caravello






MAY 2013
   My 1990.5 Beige Cadillac Allante pictured below and purchased in November 2011 is my third Allante and first one since 1998. 
   I previously owned a Black on Black 1990.5 and a 1992 White with Red Interior (My favorite). I will always remember and miss that vehicle. 
After owning various Cadillac's and Mercedes through the years the Allante was always my favorite  from its unique background body made in Italy and finally assembly in the USA to its way ahead of its time onboard electronics and sport/luxury ride nothing comes close in my opinion.
   I am honored to be chosen for the Car of the Month of May 2013 and a part of the Cadillac Allante Club.
   A special thanks to Johnny for all he does for the Allante Community.






April 2013
You never know what you will find when you're not looking

    The Allantes are a great source for finding new friends and friendship. While attending the Myrtle Beach Rally put on by my now good friends Sal & Colene Caravello, Sal tells me about a Pearl Red '93 near Nashville TN. I didn't know I was even looking, but what the heck. I asked him to print out the info from the internet, which he did. My thoughts were, sense I was in Myrtle Beach I could take I-40 across Tennessee on my way back to Indy to view the car. It was a low mileage car, only 6400 miles and if nothing else would be fun to look at. While in MB, I called numerous times, with no response. Arriving back in Indy I had forgotten about the car and then one day I was in the War Room (my home office) and I ran across the flyer. The car was on one of the internet web sites. I went to the site thinking since its been about a month the car had to be sold, BUT there it was, so I tried again. This time a different phone number was emailed back to me, so I called and I was talking to a person,…. a real person. I asked all the questions I had written down and made arrangements to drive to Nashville on Saturday and meet at Titans Stadium. The funny thing is, when I purchased Blue (teal '93) it was in Dallas about two weeks before the Super Bowl and I shot photos of it in front of their stadium.
    I name my cars (something my Father did) we drive Gold ('93 Beige Metallic) I arrived at the stadium a little early as I am waiting I see this beautiful red Allante pull in the lot next to Gold. I make it a practice not to get too emotionally involved (it can cost you money), BUT it was a gorgeous car sparkling in the noonday sun. We had a nice talk, I had a few more questions and then it was time for a test drive. It drove like I just pulled off the showroom floor, all original, even the Goodyear tires. When we returned to the stadium parking lot it was time to get down to business. To reduce the size of the story, I purchased the car, which is now named Big Red. As you learned above about Blue, the first shots of Big Red were in front of Titan Stadium in Nashville.
    Without letting the cat out of the bag, the next meet was in Bristol TN. That's when I showed up in my new Big Red machine. Bristol was a great meet, meeting new friends from Atlanta, visiting terrific venues including a Christmas light tour of the track. The next day was spent in Jonesboro, the oldest town in Tennessee. Accommodations were in a five star hotel, so to say we were pampered is an understatement. After the meet I had never visited the Biltmore Mansion, so with the top down traveling through the mountains we were off to Ashville NC. I had to keep pinching myself to keep reminding me "this was someone's home". All in all it was a great first outing for Big Red which is now tucked away in the garage awaiting spring.
    Plans are to drive Big Red on a 6000 mile west coast trip. Leaving Indy driving to Phoenix retracing some of the roads I traveled as a child with my parents on my way to San Diego. After checking out what's new at Tom's, it's time to travel north on I-5 north of LA where I travel US 101 to San Luis Obispo and follow the Pacific Coast Highway California 1,  up the coast to Oregon and on to visit some Allante friends(Pete and Donna) near Seattle. With no real plans, I just want to enjoy our beauty countries highways and the view they have to offer. Heading home crossing the northern states; Washington, Idaho, the big skies of Montana, South Dakota  and then it's back to Indy. I hope to meet some additional Allante friends along the way. You know that could be another story, and for that you will have to wait and see.
  Keep-M Roll-N & Shinny… 



November 2012

   I purchased my beautiful Red Allanté on eBay about three years ago. My wife and I took a few days off and drove to Florida, near Disney World, and towed her home. It is the only one I have ever seen with a spoiler even though it is not factory I am told. I changed the wheels to Cadillac STS rims and vogue tires. I also added dual exhaust and just recently had the sound system rebuilt. It has 97,000 miles on it.

   Noble Unger

   Dandridge, TN




August 2012


   What is the measure of success when you take your classic, historic car to a Concours D'Elegance? When asked you can get as many answers as the cars at the show. Could it be the award you take home? Or the great time and the admiring look from the public as they view your car?

   The car I entered and took to the Keel's and Wheel's Concours D'Elegance in Seabrook, Texas this year was my 1993 Cadillac Allanté. It has a magnificent connection and history to the 1992, 76th Indianapolis 500 and to the dynastic racing family the Unser's (Bobby Unser, Al Unser Sr., and Al Unser Jr.). In a way I tried my best to honor all the racing Unser's, all seven of them, when I displayed my Allanté at this show.

   Bobby Unser was the Grand Marshal this year at Keel's & Wheel's and with some luck I got to park my 1993 Allanté under his tent where he was signing autographs. He had not seen this Allanté in twenty years as twenty years ago Bobby was the spokesperson for Cadillac Allantés and the pace car driver at the Indy 500. That pace car was a 1993 Allanté with the only modification to it being stock was a roll bar and racing seat belts. The Northstar engine putting out 290HP was more than enough for the track.  That was a very historic race as his nephew Al Unser Jr. won the race and used this Allanté as the parade car. This car show even had some classic cars on display that were over one hundred years old and one entry, a 82 year old 1930 Packard with its owner who had just turned 102 this year.

   I am a realist and know with much older classics in this show, a young 1993 Allanté even with it vast history had little chance and instead of worrying I should just enjoy the two days I got to display my beautiful car.  The real joy of the event came from the ability to display my Allanté next to the table where Bobby Unser was seated and greeting the public, as well as signing posters of the event. I got him to autograph not only a poster of himself from this show but also many other items I had with me from that Indy 500 in 1992.  The best though was having him sit in the passenger seat of my Allanté and sign his name just above the glove box. Who needs awards when I was able to have something like that happen? I also got to meet Mrs. Unser and talk Indy 500 and all the racing Unser family with her.

   I want to also acknowledge the fact that at such a large car show, I did not do it alone.  My fellow Houston Allanté Club member and 1993 Allanté owner himself, Mr. Martin C. Bailey stepped forward and became my pit crew for this event, helping with the setting up and caring for my Allanté. As the public passed by leaving a finger print or two, he would be right there to wipe them off. As this was a two day show it was best to cover the car overnight which he help with also. He made the mistake though of doing such a good job that he will be getting called to do other shows I hope to show this Allanté in. I was also very pleased to see at least two other Houston Allanté Club members came by as well, Mr Lewis White who owns two 1993 Allantés and Randy Cox who owns a 1990 Allanté.

  So was this car show a success? You bet it was!

   Nick Ferrantino

   Houston, TX




July 2012


   In 2002, a friend loaned me his 1993 polo green Allanté. My wife, Suzanne and I drove it to Cape May. It was a beautiful day, and naturally we had the top down. I was intrigued by this beautiful automobile, but I owned other cars and had no room for another. Since 2000, to the present, I've owned about thirty classics at one time or another; however I never forgot that gorgeous Allanté.

   In 2011, I purchased a white 1989 Allanté. It was somewhat of a "basket case". The reason I bought it was because it had such a great ride. Much work and money brought it back to respectability. It was still a driver. During this time, I joined the Cadillac Allanté Club. I met John Monzo and other members of the club. I enjoyed my first "Scratch and Dent" meeting, but felt my car was inferior to the others. Throughout the year, I called or met with John regarding problems with my '89. No matter what problems I had, John was always there. I remember one night, he worked on my car until 10 pm. I don't know about John, but I enjoyed that evening.

   I'm the type of person that surfs Ebay and Craigslist for cars. This past April, I spotted a polo green '93 Allanté for sale on Ebay, at a dealership in West Chester, PA. I drove about an hour to see it. After looking over and test driving the car, I reminisced about that trip to Cape May. The car was beautiful; even the CD player worked. It also came with a hard top. My '89 couldn't compare to this one. I had to have it, but how? As a side note, the salesman told me I was the third Allanté owner to look at this car. He surmised the Allanté had a cult following. I told him it did.

   For those married, we have wives to deal with when we want another car. Suzanne is very reasonable, however she draws the line at owning more than six cars. To keep peace, I decided to sell my beautiful 1973 MGB. As luck would have it, I sold it back to the previous owner. He was in heaven to get it back.

   I subsequently purchased the '93 Allanté. It took the place of my MG in the garage. I also decided to sell my '89 Allanté and placed it on my lawn. Within the day, it was sold to a person who also owned a '90. I took a loss, but I now owned a quality car. I was somewhat sad to see the '89 leave. I drove it every day, in all kinds of weather. I had bonded with that car.

   In May, I joined John Monzo and other members of the Cadillac Allanté Club at the WOGL car show in Philadelphia. Although it was hot, the show was well attended. My '93 took its spot among the other beautiful Allantés. I chatted with a few people who were attracted to these cars. The show was a good experience and it was great meeting the other owners in the club.

   On Memorial Day, I drove the Allanté in the Yardley PA. Parade. I had the honor of driving William (Bill) Tropia, Commander of American Legion Post #317. Bill is a distinguished Vietnam War veteran, and also a classic car collector. He owns three cars from the '30s & '40s, but no Allanté. It was great seeing people in town waving flags and thanking the veterans for their service to our country. I was very thankful to contribute on this important holiday. After the parade, Bill was kind enough to pose for a picture with me and my Allanté. If the good Lord wills, I hope to do the same next year. In the meantime, I will drive my '93 and maybe take a ride to Cape May with Suzanne.


   Frank Barletto

   Yardley, PA



June 2012


   I recently moved to Myrtle Beach, SC to retire and sold my Cadillac STS which I loved. The STS was my fourth Cadillac and everyone was better than the other. After a year with only one car I started to look for a new baby. I wanted to have a classic that I could actually drive not just look at.

   On March 17, 2012, there was a car show close to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center with over 2,700 cars and I had planned to attend. Two of my neighbors, both avid Corvette owners, went early in the morning and I said I would meet them in the afternoon. Well they saw the Allanté first and my neighbor went crazy over it and said we have got to tell Sal, "His name is written all over it". They called me and then Colene and I went to find it among 2,700 cars, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. Colene was about done in and wanted lunch so I said one more aisle, well we turned the corner and there she was! From there it was love at first sight.

   I made a deal and brought it home, not sure that I paid the right price for it but at that point I wanted it. Clean as a whistle both inside and out, and the right color since my last Cadillac was pearlessance white.  It must have been a sign.

   There were little issues and not being familiar with the car I went online, and there it was, Allanté everywhere. I started in just the right place The Cadillac Allanté Club and John Monzo. John is now my guardian angel when it comes to my baby and I joined the club right away. Started with the ripped top and John even knew where it was ripped. I bought patches and they look great, just like she came that way.

   We decided to go to the Florida Allanté Club National Meet in Palm Beach, Florida. It was over 900 miles away but here comes the love and commitment. Just 50 miles out of Conway, the AC compressor and pulley let go. We drove on for a couple of hours and then decided to stop and check things out. You guessed it, I called John Monzo for suggestions on what I should be doing. He has suggestions but they did not have any parts and it was still a long way to Florida. With this drive system, a loss of a pulley could cost you the entire engine, so we had to have her repaired.  The dealership unfortunately ordered the wrong compressor and I eventually recommended putting in a four season compressor that could be found locally. They did and we were back on the road after 24 hours and one day short on our vacation.

   The Florida Allanté Club was great, everyone was awesome and we met so many nice people. Kathryn and Paul Bertorello were great and very helpful, as were everyone else. We learned so much and had a great time with everyone. Guess I did make the right choice since my baby won the Best of the Show in 87-89 class. Don't get too excited there were only three cars in the class.

   On the way home we decided to stop by the Allanté Source and visit with Dick Hussey. We picked up some odds and ends for the car like a new antenna, visors, clutches to hold them in place, and shocks for the trunk. Dick also adjusted the pull-down motor for us. We left there and headed home and guess what the AC went out again but we were close to the Allanté Source so back we went to have a new hose and manifold put on to prevent the leak. On the way to the Allanté Source we were confronted with another challenge. It began raining hard so I turned on the new windshield wipers I had just installed. The driver's side wiper was making noise and wobbling when going back and forth, then out of nowhere it flew off the car onto the interstate. I looked at Colene and she looked at me and at the same time we busted out laughing.  What can you say, Dick enjoyed the story!  After our quick repairs we were back on the way home. No sooner had we entered the driveway and the AC went out again.  Next morning took it to my GM dealer and he fixed it for only $28 in parts.

   Well, I guess anyone could be upset, but when I drove the car down to Myrtle Beach this weekend with Colene who had her new hat on, with the top down, the drifters on the CD. I just loved every minute of it. I treated myself and I am glad that I did.


   Sal Caravello

   Conway, SC

   Click Here for Sal's Full Story



May 2012


   In 2007, I was hunting all over the country for a teal 1993 Allante, when a good friend came across this 1989 in St. Michaels, Maryland.  Wrong year and wrong color, but with one owner and 25,596 miles and in the excellent condition (minus new tires).  I bought it, sight unseen.  In 2012, the car has 30,200 miles.

   The car was originally purchased by a GM executive who unfortunately passed away several years ago.  The car sat in his barn untouched for over two and a half years.  His widow (the proverbially little old lady) needed to sell the car to close out the estate. A new battery was put in for the test drive and then I drove it back to Connecticut with three original tires and a big smile.

   For once in my life I was at the Right place at the Right time.

   Click to see an article on Mike Hugyo's 1989 Allanté


   Mike Hugyo

   Waterford, CT



April 2012


   After wanting an Allanté for many years, I realized that the '93s were the more desirable. I purchased my first one in September of 2010 from Carmel by the Sea, California. It was a ride of a lifetime, traveling the coast on California Highway 1 along the Pacific Ocean. Continuing north on Highway 1, stopping at an unbelievable produce stand just outside Santa Cruz,the colors were just spectacular. Next stop was a dream come true. We were at the park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. We then started heading east on California 120 to Yosemite National Park, Half Dome and Bridle Falls.  All three were fabulous places to visit. Traveling on to US 50 and US 6 across the Nevada and Utah dessert and on through the Colorado Rockies. All this with the top down. Pinch me, I must be dreaming and then finally cross-country to Indy.

   The dream continued in November with a Thanksgiving drive to Key West Florida, thus driving the same car from coast-to-coast in a little over 90 days. I then learned more about the Allanté including desirable VIN numbers and colors. I set my sights on a VIN above 128,000 and one of three colors Montana Blue, Teal or Red Metallic. In December I located a Teal in Dallas, after negotiating for over a month I flew to Dallas and purchased the car and drove it home. Unfortunately, winters in Indy are not all that great, so I had to store the car until March. With only 54,000 miles the car is virtually flawless. Since March I have driven a little over 10,000 miles on wine tours and weekend trips around Indiana.

   Steven Garrity

   Camby, IN


February 2012


   A few years ago I started out looking for a high performance convertible with a automatic transmission and room enough in the trunk for two sets of golf clubs. After some research I decided the Allanté fit all of these criteria and the 1993 was the year to get.

   I purchased the 1993 Allanté approximately 10 years ago from a Cadillac dealer in Philadelphia. At the time I figured I owed myself a retirement present (as it turned out it was my first go around at retirement). I put some hand money on it and then a few days later flew back from Pittsburgh and had the salesman pick me up at the airport and drove it home.

   The car had 45,000 miles on the analog dash at the time. Since then I have installed a digital dash and now has around 66,000 miles on the car. I also later purchased a black hardtop from a previous Allanté owner who lived in Carlisle, PA. I rarely use it though, usually for only about a month around November, then off it comes before storing it for the winter.

   I like to keep my vehicles well maintained and stock except for some accessories such as custom floor mats, trunk mat, and deck mat. I have an extra grill that I had painted black and also have installed a performance chip. 

   As for preventive maintenance measures I change the antifreeze every few years along with changing the brake fluid and transmission fluid regularly. I also replaced both headlights (originals were discolored) as well as parking lenses and added "Silverstar" light bulbs. The CD and cassette player were recently cleaned and I also replaced all four struts with four more original struts about six months ago.



   Well it was September 2010 and about 8 years since I first retired and was getting ready to retire again and of course I owed myself another retirement present. 

   I didn't exactly know what though, until I saw a 2006 Black XLR sitting in the local Mercedes Benz dealership. Another couple was ahead of me with keys in their hand and ended up with the car, but I was hooked. That car had previously been owned by Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

   A few months later, in January 2011, I was still searching for something nice when I saw this "used" 2009 on Ebay. It was at a Cadillac dealership in St. Paul, MN, and it was the second time they listed it on Ebay with no bidders reaching the reserve price. The XLR was listed with 179 miles on the odometer so I called the salesman to get a history report. The vehicle was originally purchased by a 91 year old lady whose husband had recently passed away. I called her and she told me that all her life she wanted a convertible so after her husband passed away, she went to the nearest Cadillac dealer and bought this 2009 Black/Tan XLR. After returning home her and a female friend went shopping and realized they couldn't fit their packages in the trunk with the top down. A few days later she decided the car wasn't for her so she went back to the dealership and traded the XLR for an Escalade. 

   The vehicle had a sticker price of $85,000 and the salesman and I agreed to a price of exactly 70% of the sticker price. WHAT A DEAL I SAID! I just couldn't pass it up. Since it was January and there was a foot or more of snow on the roads between Pittsburgh and St. Paul, I hired a car hauler and got the dealership to pay for the shipping back. The hauler left Tuesday and was back on Wednesday afternoon.

   You guessed it, the XLR gets driven 80% of the time. Both cars are a blast to drive and no matter which one I drive each one is an eye catcher. I even catch myself "looking back" at each one of them after I park them.


   Bill Miller

   Pittsburgh, PA



December 2011


   Eltee Ogata, who lives in Japan, has owned his 1989 Allanté for two years now.  When he bought it, it had 48,000 km (~30,000 mi) and paid $5,000.  Since then he has spent nearly $15,000 in repairs and has even given the car a name, Marietta.  The radio, cassette, power windows, and roof cover boot all needed some help.  The power windows would neither go up or down so he had to use scotch tape to keep the rain out and the roof cover boot would pop open when he would drive.

   Eltee wanted to point out the differences between the Japanese version and the one you would find in the states.  When released new in Japan it cost $120,000 retail.  Japan also has a severe law which outlaws red blinkers on certain model.  Certain older Japanese and foreign cars are allowed to have red blinkers but unfortunately Eltee's Allanté falls under this law.  Extra orange lamps have to be added to the front quarter panels and on the bottom of the taillights.  Eltee feels this really spoils the beauty of the taillights.

   Eltee reckons there are only about 20 Allantés in all of Japan which makes him envious of all the Allantés in the USA and wishes that he could attend some of our events.  He knows of two more Allantés in his neighborhood but because of its high cost to upkeep and Japan's strict laws, ownership is not popular even with them selling between $7,000 - $20,000 nowadays.


Click Here to Read His Full Story

   Eltee Ogata  

   Tokyo, Japan



November 2011


  Hello fellow members of the Allanté Club.  My name is Jonathan Babiec and I just recently took over some of the responsibilities of the Webmaster for this site.  Johnny wanted to see this page updated more regularly and gave me the honors for the first month back.

   I may have only recently become part of the Allanté Club with the purchase of a 1990 Pearl White with Burgundy interior in September but my interactions with Johnny over the phone started many months before.  With the early Allantes being as old as I am, my first glimpse of this majestic beauty occurred during the Cadillac Day at the Larzs Anderson Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 16th, 2010.  I knew along with my father who had attended the event with me that sooner or later I would own one.  After that event I spent the next two summers going on road trips from my home in Rhode Island to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York looking at Allantés.  I even ventured down to meet Johhny in August.  It sure felt nice to get out of the car and stretch my legs after a 6 hour drive.  I left Sewell, New Jersey, with a vast wealth of knowledge from Johnny.  A month later with that knowledge, I purchased the car and drove down to Northern New Jersey to pick it up.  The odometer read a little less than 67,000 miles and so far the only thing I have had to do is change the transmission lines because the ones that were on the car when I bought it were pretty rusted.  Looking forward to the warmer days when I can enjoy the first summer with it.

   Jonathan Babiec

   Pawtucket, RI


December 2010

   Dan Olsen bought his 1993 Cadillac Allanté in the color pearl red. He purchased in January of 2010. It had, at the time of purchase, 129,000 miles. After meeting Johnny Monzo, Dan joined the Allanté club the following week. Johnny helped him repair and upgrade his Allanté. It need power windows fixed, trunk pull down motor replaced,and the rear window pull down motor replaced. The body also needed to detailed. Also, the air conditioning went bad in the summer and with Johnny's help had it repaired right away. Finally, Johnny took the hard top from a 1990 Allaté and modified it and repainted it. With the club, Dan had taken his car to all club events. Buying this car and joining the Cadillac Allanté Club was a new experience for Dan and he would recommend this to anyone with the same interests.




May 2010


  Mr. Leonard Berwick’s 1987 Allanté. It currently has 78,000 miles and it has both a hard top and a soft-top. The convertible top is new and has just been installed. Upon installation, Mr. Berwick changed the optional beige color to a black vinyl. He changed the color to prevent the dirt from showing on the soft top. The pearl white paint is original as is the saddle interior. 

  Mr. Berwick has upgraded the dash and the shifter knob with Burled Walnut trim and the wood trim details on the doors. He has also upgraded the wheels to 16 inch wheels, which became the standard in the later years. Mr. Berwick states that with these changes it makes a huge difference in the quality of the ride.

  Mr. Berwick feels that without the help of our club president, John Monzo, this car wouldn't be the same. He considers John to be an automotive genius! “I still have a lot I would like to do, but for now it is a must see car when I drive in town.”

  Mr. Berwick is our very first Allanté of the Month.