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The Allanté Atlanta Car Club (AACC)

and Peach State CLC present “Christmas at the Biltmore” Cruise


Updated 11/21/2014

 Barbara and I will be leaving New Jersey Thursday evening sometimes around 4-5 pm on December 4th. We will drive to the Baltimore area to have one of their famous crab cake dinners. From there we will head to Henderson NC where we will stay overnight. Then Friday morning after breakfast we will continue to the Hotel near the Biltmore. Then Friday evening we will enjoy the tour of the Biltmore along with touring the grounds all day Saturday. Then we will visit the quant town of Ashville.

We will leave Sunday morning and drive over to Hi Point NC where Barbara wants to see the furniture capitol of the world.  Then it’s over to Virginia Beach and book ocean front room to stay overnight then after breakfast, its home bound.

Now if anyone would like to join us there or on our caravan, let me know. 

-Johnny Monzo-


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The Cadillac Allanté XLR Club paid a tribute to Italy and to the iconic cars designed by Pininfarina and partially built in Italy. In this picture, our friends from the Club are portrayed in front of the Italian Embassy in DC with... the Ambassador of Italy, Claudio Bisogniero, and three beautiful Allantés, reproducing the colors of the Italian flag.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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